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Creating our code editor, we tried to avoid all errors and shortcomings that exist in other systems. We created Email2Go as functional, convenient, and intuitive as possible. Email2Go code editor is absolutely free for our users and it gives a perfect tool for creativity.

Perfect emails are born here Create your email with our free modern code editor with unique features
and test them on dozens of different devises and mail apps
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Unlimited number of projects

Each user of our service can store an unlimited number of projects. When we say "each user," we really mean all Email2Go users, even those who have not subscribed.

Code highlighting and tooltips

HTML email template builder Email2Go highlights all known tags and parameters, and helps with syntax.

HTML and CSS in different tabs

You no longer need to scroll to the Style section in HTML code every time you need to change element styles. Edit the CSS in a separate tab. All CSS code will be automatically inserted into the <head> of the template you are developing when exporting the result.

Instant viewing of the result in the Browser window

Email2Go is a responsive HTML email template builder. Change your HTML code, CSS styles, embedded images or placeholders and instantly get visible results in real time.

Ability to work on two monitors

No one likes horizontal scrolling in the code editor window. Detach the right panel to a separate window and drag it to a second monitor. Expand the code window to the full screen and get rid of horizontal scrolling.

Versioning and AutoSave

Each time you save a project, our free email HTML template builder creates a new save point that contains HTML code, CSS styles, embedded images, and placeholders. Open the History panel and return the project to any of its previous states in one click.

Want to start a new project based on the current one? Just click "Copy to New Project" on any selected save point for your current project.

Don't worry, you won't lose your changes in the project. Every 5 minutes, email template HTML code builder Email2Go automatically creates temporary save points. After you decide to save the project yourself, the time points will be deleted so as not to clutter the project history log.

Visual code search

The peculiarity of HTML layout for emails makes the code cumbersome and similar in different parts of the project. We know how difficult it can be to find a section of code that corresponds to a desired element. Just enable the "Select an element on the page to inspect it" mode in the Browser tab of our online HTML email template builder and hover your mouse over the desired element in the template. The editor will automatically highlight the line of code that corresponds to this element.

Placeholders support

Does your template contain placeholders, but you want to see the final result with substituted values? Just go to the Placeholders tab and create a table of the values you need.

Embedded and Cloud Images

Download and edit Embedded Images or Cloud Images without leaving the HTML template email builder.

AMP email compatibility

Our code editor supports AMP templates. Just include the <html ⚡4email> line in your code and the editor will switch to AMP mode.

Results Export

Click on the Download button and get a zip archive with your code and all the built-in images. This archive is compatible with Mailchimp and Salesforce systems.

The Send Email button sends a ready-made template to the email you entered as your clients will see it.

Perfect emails are born here Create your email with our free modern code editor with unique features
and test them on dozens of different devises and mail apps
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Background Code

Free Modern Email Templates Builder

Absolutely free modern html email template builder with unique and useful features. Creating emails has never been easier.

Background Testing

Unlimited Email Template Tester

Focus on improving your templates – all limits are lifted. Unlimited number of renderers during the subscription period.

Background Collections

Free collection of tested templates

Free HTML email templates and free AMP templates collection, including their code and images, is absolutely free to use for any purpose.

Background Hosting

Free image hosting

Use our free Cloud storage for your email template’s images.


Free email html template builder and all its features are absolutely free and available to all Email2Go users.

Template testing is the only feature of our service that is available by subscription.


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Email2Go is a modern online service that has many unique features that will help you create and test HTML email templates. Each of these features is designed to make it easier to create perfect emails, and together they become a powerful tool for web designers.

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