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The CID-embedded technology is quite old, which guarantees support for the vast majority of email clients. Emails with embedded images are also great for corporate clients with limited Internet access. Some large companies block their employees from uploading images, which makes it impossible to deliver high-quality, attractive and correct emails from a marketing perspective. Using CID- embedded images in your email will make sure that all recipients of your message will see exactly what you want to show them.

A great example of using CID-embedded images is preparing templates for Microsoft Outlook.

However, this technology increases the size of emails. Where it matters, we recommend using Cloud images.

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Embedding images in HTML email

Quite often, developers need to embed image in email template. Email2Go service supports CID-embedded images. This technique allows the recipients of your email to see it in the form that you intended, regardless of the restrictions in setting up the connection or the user's system.

To do this, go to the “Embedded Images” tab of the code editor and upload the required images from your computer. Use the CID links for embedding images in email HTML code.

Edit embedded images in email templates

Email2Go makes working with embedded images incredibly easy and effective. Rename your images or resize them without leaving the code editor. After making any changes, you will instantly see the result in the preview window.

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