Email Template Testing Tool

Create your email and see how it looks on dozens of physical devices and mail apps

Email Template Testing Tool

Have you created an ideal email from a marketing perspective? Great job! Now it is important to make sure that this message is delivered to all your recipients in the same perfect form. Creating email templates that look equally good on different devices is no longer a difficult task.

With Email2Go, you can create and edit your email templates and see how they look on dozens of physical devices and email apps.

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How the email test tool works

After creating your template in our completely free code editor or importing an existing code, you will immediately see a preview of your email in the right part of the code editor. It’s very convenient.

But the real magic begins when you go to the Preview tab. There you get screenshots of your template, tested on all possible physical devices and apps. Now you can see how users will receive your email.

Test email template without leaving the code editor

Is something going wrong? No problem.

You can update renderers on all devices at once, on a group of devices, or on a device of your choice without leaving the code editor. To do this, you don't even need to save the project. Just make changes to the code and update the renderers in the email template tester.

High-resolution renderers

Every part and detail of your email matters. The email template testing tool Email2Go provides all renderings in high resolution. This helps you fix even the most hidden errors in the layout and get perfect results.

Dark mode and No-pictures mode support

Some of your clients use email apps with images disabled or in dark mode. Our service provides a great solution for this: renderers in all possible modes available for a specific device and application. Just expand (zoom in) the render and view all available screenshots.

AMP templates support

Want to use AMP templates? Test them on appropriate devices and apps.

Unlimited email renderers

No more restrictions and limits! Email2go is a unique service tool for test email template that provides an unlimited number of renderers during the subscription period. Focus on improving your templates – all limits are lifted!

Creating renderers on dozens of devices and apps

We never stand still, and we always keep up with the times, constantly working to improve our system and add new devices and applications to our service.

Currently, Email2Go supports the following list of devices and applications:

Operation System Application Light theme Dark theme No pictures mode
Windows 10 Windows Mail
Windows 10 High-DPI Windows Mail
Windows 10 Outlook 365
Windows 10 High-DPI Outlook 365
macOS Catalina Apple Mail
macOS Catalina Outlook 365
Operation System Device Light theme Dark theme No pictures mode
iOS 14 iPhone 8
iOS 14 iPhone 11
iOS 14 iPhone 11 Pro
iOS 14 iPad Pro (9.7-inch)
Browser Service Light theme Dark theme AMP support
Google Chrome Gmail
Microsoft Edge Gmail
Mozilla Firefox Gmail
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome Yahoo!
Microsoft Edge Yahoo!
Mozilla Firefox Yahoo!
Perfect emails are born here Create your email with our free modern code editor with unique features
and test them on dozens of different devises and mail apps
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Absolutely free modern html email template builder with unique and useful features. Creating emails has never been easier.

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Unlimited Email Template Tester

Focus on improving your templates – all limits are lifted. Unlimited number of renderers during the subscription period.

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Free collection of tested templates

Free HTML email templates and free AMP templates collection, including their code and images, is absolutely free to use for any purpose.

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Free image hosting

Use our free Cloud storage for your email template’s images.


All the numerous features of Email2Go are completely free and available without any restrictions to all our users.

Template testing is the only feature of our service that is available by subscription. All new users are given a one-month free testing period without having to enter payment information or other obligations.

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Explore Other Features

Email2Go is a modern online service that has many unique features that will help you create and test HTML email templates. Each of these features is designed to make it easier to create perfect emails, and together they become a powerful tool for web designers.

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Free collection of unique email templates

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