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Using AMP templates is becoming a popular tool in marketing all around the world.

Created by Google, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are a set of HTML tags supported by JavaScript.

Emails that are created using AMP technology look like web pages, which increases the attractiveness of such messages. The user does not need to open a separate link attached to the email to perform a certain action.

Without opening a separate web page, the recipient can make a purchase, view catalogues, leave a review, book a hotel, or take a survey all within the email itself.

AMP technology in emails has been used by major email services around the world, including Gmail, Yahoo! and As they launch support for this format, senders expand the audience coverage of AMP emails. In the future, we should expect more active penetration of AMP technology in the field of marketing, as an effective tool for promotion.

Email2Go’s AMP email template builder helps you create and test AMP templates.

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AMP email template building

Just include the <html ⚡4email> line in your code and the editor will switch to AMP mode. Using AMP for an email template is no longer a difficult task that requires a lot of effort in creating and testing.

AMP html email template testing

Email2Go allows you to create renderers for AMP HTML email templates. Go to the render tab of the template editor and select devices and apps that support AMP.

Currently, Email2Go supports the following list of AMP enabled applications:

  • Gmail (AMP), Google Chrome
  • Gmail (AMP), Mozilla Firefox
  • (AMP), Google Chrome
  • (AMP), Microsoft Edge
  • (AMP), Mozilla Firefox
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Email2Go is a modern online service that has many unique features that will help you create and test HTML email templates. Each of these features is designed to make it easier to create perfect emails, and together they become a powerful tool for web designers.

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